January 2017- Car Accident

The fact of the matter is God wants me in Eleuthera! I have never doubted my calling here, but after such a terrifying car accident I have never been more sure.

Many of you know that I was hit head on by a drunk driver on January 13, 2017 around 7:10pm. The Lord gave me just enough time to swerve the perfect amount that my drivers side tire got more of the impact. However due to my pain level and bruising, I was flown to Nassau to make sure there was no internal bleeding or broken ribs. Thank the Lord, I only have very bad bruises from the seat belt and bruised ribs from the air bags.

On my Pineapple Air flight back to Eleuthera, I was praising the Lord for my quick and safe return home. I was overcome with gratitude and honor because the Lord trusts me to live and work alongside these lovely Bahamians that are such good friends I can call them family. This accident has humbly shown me how much of a broad impact that Lord has allowed me to have here among the settlements.

I have been severely lacking in posts on my blog but hoping that I will get more disciplined in this area. My wonderful excuse is that usually there are 3 to 10 kids in my apartment at all times!!! We practice cooking, reading clocks, lots of multiplication facts, how to introduce ourselves, and so many other things like how to play Pokémon Go. It just warms my heart knowing that my small efficiency apartment can provide a place for kids from ages 7 to 16 a place to hang out on the weekends and stay out of trouble. There are no movies, no malls, no wonderful Disciple Now weekends, but I think my abode makes a good hangout, if I do say so myself!!!

I moved in August from Savannah Sound as I resigned my teaching position from Windermere High School. Several of you know the Windermere is certainly having struggles with five teachers resigning this last semester. I’m thankful the Lord lead me this summer to teach at Deep Creek Middle School(DCMS) in the very southwest tip of the island. The school is connected to the Cape Eleuthera Institute and the Island School which are both very interesting so if you have free time, google them!

DCMS is grades 7 through 9. I love so many things about the school. I get to do a bible study once a week during Quiet Reading time with my homeroom. We are reading through a book called “You Don’t Have to Be Perfect to Follow Jesus.” In a culture, that has a lot of legalism in church, the study is bringing up a lot of questions from my kids! There have been wonderful discussions. I also help the students prepare for their Religious Knowledge national BJC exam.

Being the only missionary on the southern end of the island, I am still awaiting the Lord to reveal new ministry opportunities here. My settlement has a community committee that has several plans over the next few years. I have been to meetings and am excited about the possibilities. They plan to open a community center which I am excited to be a volunteer at whenever it opens. Right now they are in the fundraising stage.

I was traveling twice a month up to Savannah Sound which is about an hour drive to Bible study with the other missionary ladies. Don’t have a car anymore so I may just have to Skype in!

Having to go to Nassau and my car being totaled, I have a lot of medical bills and a need for another car currently. The accident bills have totaled a little over $10,000 so far. ($3400 for the flight to Nassau, $3500 for the E.R. visit, and $3,500 for my car.) I will have to go to court as everyone does here in the Bahamas with a major accident to decide who is at fault. I boldly believe the man who hit me was intoxicated. I know the Lord has got this all under control!!! However, I still could use donations- one time or monthly if the Lord lays it upon your heart to financially invest in my ministry here. Just take a look at the donations page if you would like to help.

There was a mix up with my insurance somehow so that is being checked into. My school organization and my missions organizations helped pay the bills upfront. There is a chance I may have to pay my school back and I have a reserve fund in my missions account which needs to be rebuilt. Please be praying for quick resolutions to those finances. Also, finding a quality car here on the island is not easy. Prayers for funds and provision there as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read about this season in my life. I love this adventure with God. There are struggles that are huge mountains, but my God moves mountains!!! Please feel free to email or skype me if you want more details. I love hearing from back home. I greatly appreciate and cherish your prayers, concerns, and support.

Love,  Jennie


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