Better late than never…


Ok. I’m terrible at keeping up with my posts. Last semester was just so busy and if I had a free moment that I was not motivated to write a blog. Please please forgive me!!!

Here’s last semesters news.

It was AMAZING! I loved loved loved being the dorm mom. The Lord blessed me with wonderful relationships with my nine girls, and I had many wonderful moments where I could show them God’s love and grace. I was privileged to see some of their walls come down and watch the Holy Spirit make progress in each girl. At the end of the semester, it was evident that there was a greater need for me to return to the classroom so I am now teaching fulltime again.

News this summer.

I had to move out of the dorm so the new dorm mother could move in. God blessed me with a very nice house. (It has central AC! But that can be expensive since its 70cents a kilowatt here). This house is only two miles from school, and I am loving it. Its only a “temporary” solution but on the island that may mean years, so I’m not worrying about that for now. My new roommate, Sarah Turner, arrived in late August, and I am glad to have someone to chat with!

News this year so far.

I am coteaching with Melissa Yates. I am heading up the math, and she is heading up the english. She will leave for the states in November to have little baby girl Yates and then I will take over all of our classes. Thank goodness for Mrs. Musgrove giving me a solid grammar foundation!!!! My brain is still on the mathy side, but the grammar is coming back to me :)Please don’t judge my grammar/typing/proofreading skills….!!!!

Moving along. Our new students are absolutely amazing, as well as the returning students. I teach 5th-8th math and english. They are just a blast to be with. My 7th graders actually listen to me when I am being ridiculous and now they all call me Ms. Awesome. It’s hilarious!

My only serious prayer concern is my need for a car. My former car is done for. She’s no good. (for a while, I had to pop the hood and change a fuse each time it randomly died) I am in need of one-time donations to help me purchase a car. So please join me in praying for God’s provision, God’s timing, and God’s pricing. Cars on the island are a complete gamble so I am trusting that He will bless me with a reliable car.

August and September are absolutely horrid in terms of heat here so yesterday we finally saw a bit of a break in the weather. We slept with the AC off last night which is nice on the wallet and the soul. Nothing like waking up to the  cool ocean breeze and give God the glory!

The picture above is my famous crochet club!! There are 9 girls that are in my class on Tuesdays. Its such a popular pasttime that my 7th graders come in at lunch and learn 🙂 So funny to me! I love that they give up lunch to hang out and do old lady activities with me! Sweet children.

Thanks for taking the time to read all of this! Promise to be more diligent in my updating. Please send me an email, fb message, or leave a comment! I love hearing from my loved ones back home!!!

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