Blessings Unlimited

God is so good. Tonight our devotional was on Gomer & Hosea. The Lord is faithful. I am constantly amazed that He chooses to love me & not only that, but to include me in His greater purpose.

Last weeks team was such a blessing. They included me in meals & their free day. We went up to Harbor Island. July 4th we had a cookout then the Yates & I went to Lighthouse beach which is where the Caribbean & Atlantic meet- breathtaking. The team worked on campus through the week. I worked on cleaning the cabinets, dishes, and stovetop.

This weeks team is familiar to me! They are the group that was here last year with me. So wonderful to see familiar faces. They are such a respectful, loving, & missions-minded group of teenagers. They show me so much love & are constantly a blessing. Today was our first day of VBS.

I’ve been reading two books that are life hangers- both we’re given to me by very inspirational people in my life! The first book is a 40day prayer challenge called Draw The Circle. Each morning The Lord challenges me through this book. I am fervently praying about fundraising. I just need 70 more people…an intimidating mountain to me- Couch change to my big God! The other book is Passion & Purity which is Elizabeth Elliot’s story of her relationship with Jim Elliot. It’s been very thought provoking & encouraging. I would be lying if I didn’t say that marriage on the mission field isn’t something I never take before The Lord in prayer. I want to honor Him in all that I do, in singleness or marriage.

This trip has been wonderful so far. Gods provided & protected. I feel like today was my first real day of mission work. There is so much need on this island. So much work to be done. I am praying that God will let me live in each moment focused on Him.

This group’s focus is on maximizing your time & staying flexible. Please pray both of those over us this week.

Thank you for reading! Write a comment please 🙂

Love sincerely. Hate what is evil. Cling to what is good.

2 thoughts on “Blessings Unlimited

  1. Hey Jennie, great blog so far 🙂 It was great having you join our group to Harbor Island and the Glass Window bridge. Hope things have been going well with the FL team and that water and power are staying on. When I was talking with my Dad today he said he is already ready to head back to Windermere so next year looks to be promising to get him back 🙂 I would have to say I am missing the Island myself so enjoy your time there as it goes quick 🙂
    Will keep you in my prayers for your fundraising and the plans God has for you whether in the Bahamas or back home! Also as a side note for the termite crunches, the guys that where in our room covered the ceiling holes with small patches of duck tape which seems to help a lot as we had minimal termite crunches in our room after being there the week so might be an idea for your room? It does look a bit ghetto but beats having it fall in your face while sleeping lol

    Keep up the blogging as time allows and good luck with the other teams coming down/up to the Bahamas 🙂

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