End of 2014-2015 School Year

I’m sitting in the Nassau airport reviewing the many battles, victories, trials, and blessings I encountered this year. When people ask how the year has been going, my response is always, “It’s been a really hard year but a great year.” We have seen the walls and hard hearts slowly disintegrating! God has been working, and no one can deny His handwork at Windermere this year. However, as all Christians know…. When God is working, the enemy decides to focus his effort as well with the intention to kill, steal, and destroy.

As a staff, we boldly proclaimed week after week and day-in/day-out that we would live, keep, and thrive in God’s glory and blessings!!!! I am so thankful for the support system we have here. The WomenOfWindermere have a bible study meeting every Friday night. This semester we went through Lisa Harper’s Hebrews the Nearness of King Jesus study. What an inspiration!

Let me share just a few of the trials we walked through together this year. Dona’s mother has to have surgery, her older brother had a stroke, Sarah had constant headaches and face swelling for several months, Emily’s father-in-law has been very sick, I am pretty sure I have an ulcer right now, Rachel is back in the state currently for a funeral of good family friends that were killed in a shooting at a park in her hometown. While our hearts have been heavy, we have not allowed the discouragement to overtake us or to waver in our purpose in serving here.

The 7th grade girls love having “girl lunches” in my room where I chat with them about what true friendship and love look like. We have so many good discussions on life and the drama that is involved… oh teenage girls! Our lunch prayer/verse this year has been 1 Corinthians 10:31. Whether ye eat or drink, or whatsoever you do, do all to the glory of God. (If you are from TCS then this verse stuck with me from Leadership Camp every year!) I pray this would resonate with them throughout the summer and through their lives.

Young Life has been a consistent group of about 10 kids from the younger grades. Its wonderful to see them developing as a family type unit. Of my 8th grade homeroom, 5 of the 7 come most weeks! Two of the boys prayed this year to receive Christ!!!!! I’ve seen my 8th grade girls become leaders and good role models to the lower grades. Makes me sooooo proud!

I do not love teaching Scriptures in a formal setting. Speaking in not my favorite. However, I really felt the Lord laying on my heart to speak in chapel before I left. So I hesitantly agreed. Our end of the year theme has been “Finish Strong.” My message was “Continue Stronger.” Their live does not pause because summer has come. The Lord has started work in so many of them, and I wanted them to continue stronger as they allow God to work in their hearts.

There are so many more small victories to share but nothing HUGE. But ya know….. In HIS work- its all huge J Please join me in prayer for the students this summer. Several of them will not even hear any Scriptures this summer. They will face temptations and face decisions. Our hope is that the Lord will allow the precepts they heard through the school year will resonate in their souls.


Thanks for reading! Again, my apologizes for my lack of updates. I’m not a fan of writing either….! But I do love pictures and constantly post them on facebook if you want more day in info J

Ps. I was able to buy a car. My roommate and I were blessed to be able to purchase a car from the Flunkers!!! It starts most of the time….. Ha! We are very grateful!!!!!


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