God invented REST!

The past few days have been filled with relaxation and rejuvenation!!! This weekend we went to Spanish Wells because RyanFlunker was preaching at a church there. Spanish Wells is another island just a 5 minute ferry ride from North Eleuthera. The island is either 4 miles in diameter or circumference- people kept telling me different things….

The church had a house for guest speakers & we each got our own room! The house was filled with Yates, Flunkers, a Larson, a Parks, and A Jeremy 🙂 It was a getaway vacation!! I’m telling you! They had carpet! Central AC! Great water pressure! Hot water! A dishwasher! A fridge filled with snacks! And wifi!!! Oh man! We were living large. Some of the elders took us to eat at The Gap Restaurant. Yum! Baked crab, best burger on the island, bacon fried rice, conch fritters, goombay punch, coconut cream pie, Oreo pie, oh the deliciousness!!!!

Church was interesting. We sang out of the Methodist hymn book. They had a choir with robes! Loved it! And an organ. So old school & rocking! Adult Sunday school was in the sanctuary. They did not talk before the service. Everyone just sat very solemn. It was different but it got me focus to worship & learn.

One of the families had us over for lunch. One of the older men could not eat gluten either so his daughter made a copy of some papers to help me learn what I can/cannot eat. How thoughtful it was of her!!!

That night, we went back to The Gap Restaurant be ause it was soooo good! The next morning, we looked around & the shops before heading back to Eleuthera.

We have no team this week so it’s been chill. Monday night we had an awesome jam session! Jeff & Ryan guitared while we all had four part harmonies going! Such a blast 🙂

Today had been rainy rainy rainy. I finished the book Sarahboo have me. I highly recommend it! Passion and Purity by Elizabeth Elliot.

I’ve gotten to chat with some people back home who have iPhones which has been wonderful.

I am glad that God gives us rest. As I sit outside enjoying the breeze, I know without a doubt that He makes all things good. Oh how He loves.

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  1. I was just thinking about you singing in the stairwell at ELH. Good times… I’m so glad you still have a chance to bless others with your beautiful voice.

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