Here and Now

Here and now- sounds so final but also so freeing. With 100% confidence, I know that God is here in my ministry moving and His timing is now. His provisions are pooring out in from all directions of people and churches in my life. I am beyond grateful for those who are stepping out in faith with me. God does not ask for some; He asks for all. Every time I think that I’ve given and sacrificed my all- He whispers, “You have more to give.” So many are joining with me and giving this Bahamian ministry more time, more prayers, more financial support, more encouragement, and a plethera of other things. HE is preparing for a mighty movement in Eleuthera. I am certain of this.

I am enjoying my time in Frisco as I finish up the beginning financial side of my mission. I’ve presented to several First Baptist Frisco Sunday school classes and have a few more lined up. This church is behind the Yates, the Flunkers, and myself. No words could describe how impactful the church body is to us.

My heart is overflowing with joy, and words of excitement are growing in my mind. I cannot put my anticipation into many more sentences right now.

Thanks for reading this. THanks for believing with me.

-Jennie Marie

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