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This morning we sent off this week’s team back to Frisco, Tx. The team was smaller but God can do so much with a few. The house that I will live in next year when I return. The house is painted a two tone brown so Isaac calls it the brown house! I hoping I can paint it purple..!!!! This is totally the place to have crazy colored houses!!!! Soooo excited!!!

The guys did so much to make my house into a home!! The fridge was completely eaten with rust. One of my neighbors who stopped by just kept saying in her Haitian accent “very bad. Very very bad.” while I tried to use the CalciumRustLime Away. Not so encouraging. The guys finally told me to stop trying. I was disappointed. I wanted to make it look nice.

What I didn’t know was that they were going to take the doors off, sanding them down, and then reprinting them. The theme of taking something hopeless and making it new continues. The final product was astounding. I’m so thankful!

Also, one wall was termite destroyed and barely had an old 80s flowered contact paper barely hanging on. Hideousness. The guys took it down & painted it. Again- all brand new!

They also removed the nasty tile and then retiled the shower. They were very thoughtful because the hardware store here didn’t have enough tiles for the entire shower. They discussed how to use different tiles and they created a lovely pattern! No one would ever know that it wasn’t the original plan.

I physically and mentally was a my lowest point thus far. I could not help like I wanted to. The Lord really had me sitting back which frustrated me. However, at the end of the week I was so thankful to have the reminder that I need assistance from others. We are the family of God and we pick up where others cannot. I will be ever thankful for these men and the loving work that they invested into my home.

I have only one week left here. My time has been blessed beyond measure!

If you are reading this, please consider giving part of your tithe towards my ministry. Monthly donations is my biggest need.

Thank you for investing time into reading this & believing in me!!!

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  1. Jennie:

    You are a blessing for the Lord and to us. I can not tell you how much your happiness instilled into me the joy that the Lord provides each and every one of us. Make sure when you get back to look for us, because we need all our kids to sit with us!!!

    God Bless, Dan

    PS. Thanks for the new “look” everyone loved it and I’ll forward a picture of the girls with theirs on. They loved them!

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