Next to godliness

Is cleanliness. Right? Or so I’ve heard…

But I’m doing lots of cleaning, soaking, scrubbing, repeat, repeat in a different order, then try a steel sponge if all else fails. 🙂

Tonight, I finally got the braves to tackle what I’ve been avoiding since I got here…… The oven. Being almost 100% sure that it was past any repair. Nothing that I was going to try would help this very sad, very gunky, very gross piece of equipment. Now, I’m going to divulge that this is my first attempt to ever clean an oven.

So I keep pinning on Pinterest ways to clean ovens. Baking soda seems to be the key. Luckily I bought some day two because the stench of my fridge was too much to bare. After the ingredients soaked for 35 minutes (because I was too impatient to wait an hour), I began my futile task.

To my complete astonishment— the thing looks brand new. Say whaaaat?!?!?!?! This was my easiest cleaning task yet.

I’ve stated in a previous post that Jesus is our fresh coat of paint. No, He’s our baking soda. Doing the impossible. Making old things new. Amen!!!

Complete side note- Melissa, Isaac and I went snorkeling today at TenBay! I was some of the coolest fish! AND—- God made purple rocks & corally stuff for me 🙂 If you ever come visit me, I’m taking you there!!!

One thought on “Next to godliness

  1. Hi Jennie! I had to comment – love cleaning with baking soda here in my house too! Just another thing that is awesome. And, where is the picture of that cool purple coral stuff? Must be beautiful.
    Glad you are doing well. And, I know God shows up daily – HE is so amazing.


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