Sending Packages

If you are sending a letter then just mail it to the Flordia address below. Agape Flights brings us our mail every other Thursday!

Sending a package for you is EASY!!!!
However, on my end- its tricky but you can make it easier 🙂

When you send a package mailing is simple. Just send it to
Jennie Parks
c/o Agape Flights GHB 27713
100 Airport Ave
Venice, FL 34285

Here’s two things that I need help with.
*I have to pay custom/duties on everything that you send. So please send cash of 50-75% of the value of the package.
*Also include cash for the airplane shipping fees. Here’s the cost for a packages that you can choose from- just round closest to the size of your pacakge.
5 lbs- $8.75
10 lbs- $17.50
15 lbs- $26.50
20 lbs- $35.00

Two ways to find my needs-
1) My Amazon wish list-
2) The list below

On both of these I have put necessities and fun things. I also included specific brands but only becuase when I was shopping for the Yates I always worried if I was getting the right thing. But PLEASE do not feel like you have to stick to this list. Its just suggestions. I am thankful for your kindess and thoughtfulness 🙂

• Coconut M&Ms, kitkats, chocolate covered raisins (really you can’t go wrong with Chocolate!)
• Rice Cakes- any flavor except plain
• Gatorade powder- purple and red
• Popcorn
• Yarn (I am teaching a crochet class!)
• Small candles- vanilla-ish and flower-ish
• Welch’s fruit snacks- any flavors!!!
• Travel size shampoo and conditioners
• Fruit flavored Quaker oatmeal
• Tuna lunch pouches
• Sunflower seeds- not in shell
• Trail mix
• Maxi dresses with sleeves (because its soooo windy here and to hide all of my bug bites!)
• Smartfood White Cheddar popcorn
• Butterscotch candies
• I need a TON of variety size plastic storage containers (mice and roaches are everywhere)
• Stain resistant tupperware (Rubbermaid premiere)
• Ikea Bevera sealing chip clips (I’ve been told they were the best at keeping ants out)
• Drawer handles (look on my amazon list for the specifics)
• Cereals- any gluten free type 🙂
• Zatarians red rice and beans
• Rice-a-roni
• Pop chips- any flavor
• Sun chips- any flavor
• Chewy granola bars
• Variety packs of cookies or chips
• Spray sunscreen/Bug spray with deet
• American stamps
• Anything with OWLS! Yay!
• Easy Mac
• Maruch instant chicken noodles
• Dried fruit- any kind
• Freeze dried pineapples from Trader Joe’s
• Sunmaid Mixed Fruit
• Rice sides- broccoli cheddar, creamy chicken, broccoli chicken
• Pasta sides- any flavor but butter and butter herb
• Italian sides- four cheese bow tie or creamy garlic shells
• Quinoa- regular and macNcheese
• Taco dinner kit
• Two rubber brooms
• Anything purple
• (All of the furniture needs new cushions so if anyone feels lead to hunt down some good but cheap ones that would be an over-the-top gift!!)
• It’s completely a cash society down here so cash is always welcome!
• I’m saving up to get a rug for my living room.
AND a friendly note from you 🙂

If you can figure out how to send me a Sonic drink… then PLEASE do so 🙂

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