Such sweetness

This week was full of every kind of sweet. My heart was overjoyed when this team got here. CFC is from Jacksonville, Florida. They were here last year with me, and my heart has been longing to see them! There is obviously a deep desire for being Christ-followers. They exemplify this by being the first to volunteer, working without complaining, being flexible, giving 100% all the time, lifting each other up through encouraging words, and loving with Christ’s love.

Our projects for the week were to scrub the mildew off the walks & repaint inside & out. The campus looks amazing! One of the places getting fresh paint was my apartment, and it’s wonderful waking up to shining white walls! Of course, I had to make a spiritual connection— These walls were GROSS. Mildew, scuffs, crayon marks, termite holes, spiderwebs, and so on. Our sins makes us ugly & just keeps building up…. But Jesus is our fresh coat of paint!!! I cannot tell where the marks were on these walls. There is no evidence of anything undesirable. Gods grace completely covers every part of our sin!

The afternoon was PowerUp Club at Wymss Bight elementary school. They split the younger & older students for games& lessons. I was able to spend most of my time with Nastacia. Her heart was so precious. We first bonded while I was painting her nails. We had several wonderful talks. I encouraged her to read her bible every day. Please be praying for her relationship with The Lord to deepen.

My other connection was with Draxinisha. Her giggle just warms to the bottom of your heart.

My favorite conversation was when one of the girls told me that she prayed sometimes but never felt like God answered her. Asking if she read her Bible every day, I discovered that she doesn’t. I explained that Gods love letter, the Bible, is where all of His answers are!

That all was the sugary goodness of sweet. Now for the bittersweet parts—

The team had to leave on Thursday instead of Saturday due to the tropical storm being in their flight path back to Miami. I shed tears saying goodbye. I was thankful for Melissa standing next to me as we watch the team fly away. The campus was so quiet yesterday. But- I am hoping to attend their missions conference in February & eagerly am waiting to see them again!!! They truly are family to me.

Fun stuff this week- Queens Bath. Words can’t explain it, but I’ll post picture once I figure out how. 🙂 We ate lunch at Laughing Lizard Cafe. The Yates had us over for dinner one night. We had grilled cheese with bacon. Yum!! I also got pineapple/ham pizza from Mate & Jenny’s. I think it’s the only pizza place on the island. Some of us chipped in, but one pizza was $20!!!!! Gee.

Jeff, FBCFrisco’s missions pastor comes in today. Then we are all going to Spanish Wells to hear Ryan Flunker preach! It will be a fun get away!!!

I’m building a good relationship with the principle here. I feel that she is opening up a lot to me this year 🙂 I always enjoy my time with Miss Winnie, the cook.

The semisweet part is absolutely loving it here but knowing that I have to leave in a few short weeks. My heart is so at peace here. Please join me in praying for financial support. The Lord has raised up a few new partners for me. I think that fills 32 of my 100 slots. So I need 68 more people to donate $25 dollars a month. He is my portion.

Sorry for the very long update. The week has just been too busy to write. Thanks again for sticking with me, & reading this all!!! You’re amazing 🙂 Leave a comment please. They mean so much to me!!!!

3 thoughts on “Such sweetness

  1. “Therefore my heart is glad and my tongue rejoices; my body also will rest secure, because you will not abandon me to the realm of the dead, nor will you let your faithful one see decay. You make known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand.”
    Psalm 16:9-11
    I love you my friend!!

  2. JENNIE!!! I hope you have an awesome time in the Bahamas! I can’t wait to hear the stories when you get back!

    p.s. if you come back lol! 🙂

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