Termites have wings?!?!

Who knew? My apartment has been empty for a month so the damage from termites is obvious! There are what I like to call termite-crunchies all over the place and their wings are impossible to sweep!!! I was so proud of how clean it was when I went to sleep…. But awoke to the same thing the next morning. Apparently it’s a continual battle 🙂 And by the end of the day I was so tired it just sat on the couch resting, not caring what I was sitting in!!!

I’m so glad to be here!!! It’s refreshing to see the Yates!!! Oh how I’ve missed them. Melissa has been helping me with the apartment & this morning we tackled the kitchen- which proved to be difficult since the electricity & water was off. Luckily the power came back on so we could vacuum up the spiders in cabinets & drawers! We wiped down the inside & outsides too. That took all morning. Now it’s lunch but I don’t want to eat bc I can’t wash my hands…!!!!!

Yesterday was good. I rode along with Emily & Melissa to see how the pick up packages from Agape Flights. So that was really valuable to learn. The Yates had me over for dinner & I got to Skype with my parents 🙂

God is sooo good to me! As I was typing, this weeks team came to offer me lunch! Then they proceeded to give me other leftovers they have from earlier this week!!! THEN they came back to invite me to eat with them the rest of the week!!!! Amen.

Moving along- God has asked me not to play games on my phone while I am here. He wants me to draw close & those distract me from Him. Time to break my candy crush addiction!!!

Please continue to pray for my back. The shot the doctor gave is helping a lot but bending to clean & scrub is taking a toll. I’ve decorated by putting up some of my cute owls & pictures.

My heart is so at peace here. I am very thankful for the next few weeks. God is blessing me!!!

The two most shocking things I’ve learned so far is that electricity is 50cents a kilowatt so bills run between 200-400 dollars!!!! And I knew groceries were expensive but geeeeeeeee!!!!! I bust bought a few things to eat & it wads $100! For rizzle! A I package of 6 Viva paper towels cost $14.75. Say what?!?!?!?!

Thanks for reading this WHOLE thing!! I’m proud of you 🙂 please leave a comment so I know someone cares 🙂

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  1. Jennie!! I just set your blog as my homepage finally so I get to see your posts all the time! First of all, those prices are unbelievable!! Blows me away. Secondly, I am sooooooo happy you are in a good place. I can hear the joy in everything you are writing. Praying for you daily. 🙂 (And Amen to no more Candy Crush!!)

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