Water and WiFi

Apologizes for the length of time that has past since my last post. Things have been BUSY here but completely wonderful. I am feeling very settled now.

God has been blessing every step since the stepping foot off the plane in Nassua. Our flight from Dallas was delayed and we were sure that we would miss our connecting flight to Eleuthera. Long story very short—God got us on the plane!!! There was an amazing airport luggage man who helped us fly through security and get on board. THE BIG PRAISE— I did not have to pay ANY customs!!!!! I was prepared to pay for duties for all of my belongs but God took care of it  The Yates did not have to pay customs either. Whoohooo!

That evening, I was so thankful to be in my new home. The only thing this girl wanted was to know if I could drink my tap water and what the wifi password was so I could let my family know I made it safely. Water and Wifi! I’m living the cushy missionary life for sure. Sometimes, the Lord and I joke about how good I have it b/c He reminds me that I may not be able to hack it in a less opportune situation. He makes me smile! I went to be that evening so amazed at His hand so far in my journey here and still amazed that He continues to work. How thankful I am to serve a God who never ceases to leave me in awe.
I was so nervous to meet my 9 dorm girls: Kes, Whitney, Alex, Brenique, Faith, Dawnette, Mona, Danielle, and Ivanna. They have good hearts. They are still teenage girls and have all the drama and attitude that go along with that time in life, but I completely enjoy knowing them. God has opened so many doors. We have a great mutual respect growing. There are open and honest lines of communication between us all. I could you a bit of prayer for their attitudes when I have to be the authority and make a decision they do not like. I’ve gotten so many death looks in the last month and ½! But at the end of the day- we talk it through and all is good. One of the girls asked me, “Ms. Parks, how can you say you love us when you have only known us a month?” Such a great way to talk about unconditional love and how the Lord calls us to love others. Another girl told me that I was too cool to be a Christian and my response was, “Why can’t Christianity be cool? It is!”

We have so many laughs! We were all sitting on the couches working when one girls said, “You know, that song to me thinking. What does the fox say? If a fox has a baby and wants to call it, what does it say? How can it call it? …. ? What does a platypus say?!?!?” HILARIOUS!!!!!

While I am loving my time with the girls, my heart is breaking simultaneously. How far they are from God. When they answer about their Christianity, their response is typically I’m trying. When I express that it’s only a yes or no, they respond with no. Christianity seems to be more religion that anything. It’s about appearances. Christians should be perfect and read their bible every day and pray every day and do everything completely right…. So many lies that have a hold on their hearts and minds. They are so quick to anger and have a strong sense of entitlement. Please pray for my example to be one where He shines through and my faults fade into the background. I feel such a heave responsibility and a nervousness that I where I fail will further the lie.

I can say with all confidence that GOD IS WORKING on this island and on this campus. I am beyond honored to be called here.

I have a car now. It looks like a very ghettofied grandma car. Hopefully, I can post a picture soon but it needed a good bit of work so it is in the shop. Please have asked about specific needs currently. God is really taking care of me. We have more available on the island than most think. I only have “wants” truly. I would like a screen door to help keep bugs out and let the breeze in. My screens are lacking… a situation where duck tape is not enough. I hopefully will be able to buy or make screens that are high enough quality to keep NoSeeums out. Jesus and I have had several conversations about why He created termites, mosquitoes, and noseeums. I’m still not jellin with His logic yet but I’m workin on it! 🙂 We also need lots of containers. GOOD containers. Small rubbermaid/tupperware ones and then medium and large seethrough storage containers. Roaches, ants and mice enjoy our food too. Truly though, I could still be content and functional without those things. God provides!

Thank you as always for your prayers and time. Please leave a note of encouragement! It means to world to me that you take the time to read this.

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